Responsible Cashmere

Soi & Others comes from a place of respect and love for people, the planet and animals. 

In an effort to practice business in a sustainable, ethical, responsible and traceable way from
start to finish, we work directly with our producers and vet their process.  All our raw cashmere is sourced from Mongolia, our knitted garments are knitted in Mongolia and our woven scarves in Inner Mongolia (province in China). Mongolia is known for having the best cashmere in the world as well as coexisting with their livestock and treating them humanely. All of our knitted cashmere is certified by the Sustainable Fibre Alliance. All of our woven cashmere is
vetted to follow the ethos that are important to our company. 



All of our knitwear is certified by the SFA. What is the SFA? It’s the global
entity certifying healthy and ethical manufacturing processes in cashmere.
It keeps the fashion world honest. Our woven garments are  
certified by SMETA. 


Hand harvested without hurting the cashmere goat. The goat herders
also leave enough top hair to ensure the goat remain healthy throughout
the cold winter months.


What is grade A quality cashmere? Made from long strands of cashmere goat hair
between 14-15.5 microns in width, it holds the strength and shape
for lasting heirloom quality. As long as you take care of your garment. 



The people of Mongolia are an open and trusting society.
They have an inherently sustainable affection and care for their goats; resulting in a longstanding  
tradition of quality. 



Shipped using minimal packaging to reduce carbon footprint.
All hang tags use non-toxic ink and recycled materials. 





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