Alison Currie sees the world as a canvas for unfettered creativity – where
fashion is genderless and sustains self and the world.

The idea for a line of genderless and chic cashmere came to Alison at a point when she was looking to
express herself more freely. She put her unparalleled knowledge of the cashmere industry into a new collection
that could celebrate every individual body and nurture expression.

This line would help sustain a healthy world while bringing meaning and art to beauty. 



Made responsibly from the finest quality cashmere, each piece is a new heirloom that
moves with the wearer through life and lasts from generation to generation.

At the heart of each collection is the spirit of the artist. Individual. Renegade. Purposeful.
Sustainable, quality cashmere is the canvas, but the wearer makes the piece their own.

Meet Soi and Others house artist Rundi and learn more about the
Soi and Others Artist Project.



We believe in ethical business. We work directly with cashmere producers
in Mongolia – we always know who we are working with and the impact we have on their
lives. All of our knitted cashmere is certified by the
Sustainable Fibre Alliance as an
external control, with our woven cashmere produced in Inner Mongolia (China) in process.



Reduce environmental impact, improve animal welfare, return to
traditional land practises. Minimal packaging when we ship. 


The welfare of knitters, fair wages and a safe work environment is
of the utmost importance to us. .  


We believe it’s our responsibility to understand the impact of our
cashmere, from herd to wardrobe. We will always
keep learning and improving. 


We follow the chain of custody for tracing fibre from certified
herders along the supply chain to the final, luscious cashmere product. 


Find out more about Responsible Cashmere